Wednesday, November 9, 2011

With Love From Sarah (Buck)

I have so many fond memories of Susie. She really was my partner in
crime (hey it was all innocent) but we thought we were so cunning with our "matchmakers club", literally ditching Anchorage School on foot to look for
our "horses that had gotten loose", phoning our teacher "Mama Rowell" from
the school dance, going to Florida in the camper (that we had wrecked
leaving the driveway) with my mom, (it's hard to beach cruise in a camper
with your mom), the barn party, pet shows, Pony Club, riding to Red Bud and other horseback trail rides---some lasted all day while others were early before school with Clearasil still on our faces, the Tommy Moore check-out route, the earring stuck at my wedding, the many kid visits while living in Tucson ... and just being there for each other throughout the years.

One of my sweetest memories of your mom is when she came to the hospital when
Travis was having surgery (at 6 weeks can imagine my state of
mind) and I saw her comforting, familiar face and she said, "Here, I
brought you some Oreos to help," and it did.

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