Tuesday, November 8, 2011

With Love From Mom

The first time I saw Susan Wehmeyer she had come for the weekend
(Memorial Day) and she and Bill got in late and I was already in bed.
The next morning when I walked down the stairs I saw  a girl with her
back to me and she was brushing the most beautiful hair I had ever seen
like corn silk and when she turned around I loved her and still do!

Later that very weekend she was on the back of Bill's motorcycle and he
stopped for one of the only street lights on a broad street in Chagrin
and when he started up...quickly I add she wasn't prepared and
slide right off on the street. She wasn't hurt but both of them were

To make up for this incident she asked if she could do something to help me and I said she could bake a pound cake. She agreed though somewhat reluctantly. I gave her directions but didn't failed to make them clear and the cake turned out to be a FIVE pound cake. Fortunately when the directions were clear she turned out to be a wonderful cook as her girls and husband would attest. Love her so much.

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